Yoonjeong Lee Solo Exhibition

August 16 – 20, 2017
M Gallery, CICA Museum


Familiarity makes a variety of emotion fade away over time like magic. And it does not change for a long time. Once you get used to it, it becomes a natural and simple part of everyday life. However, I try not to think negatively about familiarity and simplicity. I want to create something that would put more value on the various feelings and emotions can co-exist with each other and try to recall them. In general, my work starts with giving change. As if I am lost in memory I deliberately look at objects in entirely new ways, even if I already get used to them.

The first object of my work is the nail. Nails are very familiar to us and sometimes play a very important role but do not escape the definition of secondary things. Finally, I decided to make the nail as a main thing in my story.

I tried to reveal directly while maintaining the nature and properties of the materials hidden inside the nails. It is the process of attractively revealing the hidden role of the nail which has been considered limited. The nails reveal the freeform and possibilities that depart from the traditional form. The presence of the nail expands and maximizes in the sense of an extension of the original function.

The viewer is confronted with a visual experience through the nail that the only secondary object can change as an independent object with infinite possibilities. The experience allows the user to fall into a new sense by interacting with familiarity and the emotions that have become insensible by familiarity will come alive. This is the point of my work.

Yoonjeong Lee

I was born in 1987 and grew up in a small city next to Seoul, Korea. I completed my study at Hongik University in Seoul, majoring Metal Art & Design, and graduated in February 2011. I currently live and work in Seoul.

As an experimenter, I create new meaning of objects through experiments. The main inspiration of my work comes from the viewpoints from surroundings, not the center of situation. I want to present the new perspectives in everyday situation through my work. I want to analyze the subject through my own personal views and research to transform it into a visual story that focuses on its purpose.

The work I have done over the last few years is all about the ‘familiarity of the object’, which refers to physical objects, mental experiences, and things such as repetitive and common behaviors like a daily greeting, situations, and frequently used objects.

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