Sharlyn Sohn Solo Exhibition

손상미 개인전

October 18 – 22, 2017
M Gallery, CICA Museum


My paintings are composed of layers of contrasting colors, geometric shapes, and brushstrokes, which fall down from the top of the canvas. I attempt to put my emotions, thoughts, feelings and energy into each brushstroke. Also, each stroke has different natural movements, which are related to gravity which allows it to find its own way by dripping down the canvas. Even though the brushstrokes look similar between each section, they are a metaphor for the time and space within each individual moment that occurs in the sequence. The paint from one brushstroke merges with the other brushstrokes on each section of the canvas which makes a new path. This indicates the way moments in space become connected over time. Also, the strokes make the absence of color accessible. The lightening of the tones in each stroke expresses feelings through the transformation of positive and negative space. It represents the higher temperatures that surround fascinating and seductive activities.

The colors make layers which consist of intensely saturated colors, low-key colors and primary colors on the canvas. They illuminate the space and fill up the atmosphere. The contrast between painting colors and the dripping of the saturated colors on the canvas are primitive, unforced and at the same time provide natural sensations and phenomena. The colors are derived from the energy field that is created from the activity of painting. I experiment with new creations through the active comprehension and engagement of every color. Simply put, the paintings look like they are indicating four seasons, which evokes a fantasy world because of their dramatic, attractive and fascinating colors which are usually not found in nature.

Timing is the most important element and medium used to create my body of work. The brushstrokes and the layers depend on the timing of the work process. Radical and speedy brushstrokes embrace the chance and spontaneity of the present moment and creation, which is cohesive with natural phenomenon. The wet and rich layers are the constitutive element of each canvas; in addition they make the space and fill the atmosphere with the emotion.

Sharlyn Sohn (손상미)

Sharlyn Sohn is an artist based in Korea. After graduating from Ewha Woman’s University, She moved to the United States to experience different cultures and develop her art. Sharlyn received her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design, her MFA from Pratt institute, and MA from Teachers College, Columbia University. After getting the degrees, she came back to Korea and currently work as an artist and lecturer. Through her works, Sharlyn explores the relationship between a variety of colors and brushstrokes associated with cultural displacement. Her works were inspired by her personal experience of new culture, environment, and society.

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