Seongyeon Park Solo Exhibition

Seongyeon Park 박성연 개인전

November 1 – 5, 2017
M Gallery, CICA Museum


Personal memories are insignificant and are easily cast aside with no real meaning attached to them. In the eyes of the world, they are seen as small and trivial but to the owner of those memories they might serve as precious highlight reels of their favorite movie screening in the back of their head. I too am the keeper of my own memories, constantly screening these scenes and images in my head. Old memories are constantly augmented and built up upon before they once again take their place on stage. Smaller memories that have no significant weight to them are peered at while bigger memories that are harder to take in are gazed at from afar. An instantaneous glimpse turns into a memory that becomes more and more distorted until the original form can no longer be found. In order to preserve my memories and the emotions I felt when I first experienced them, before they become eroded with time, opinions, and other experiences, I started to capture them through my artwork. The reason why I am creating these artworks is to record and pay my respects to the memories that have passed me by and will soon fleet away.

The images of the folded origami symbolizes the special characteristics of my memories. Memory itself is a copy and saved version of what was witnessed, however it can never be enough to fully reproduce what was witnessed as it is subject to being altered and damaged just like a fragile folded piece of paper


Seongyeon Park (박성연)

SeongyeonPark is an artist based in Seoul. She received her BFA in Painting from the University of Hongik.


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