[Publication] CICA Art Now #1

CICA Art Now #1 features Judy K Suh, Joseph O’Neill, Cecilia Suhr, Tania Sen, Youngjin Kim, Euyoung Hong, Johanjin, and Miye Cho.

CICA Press, an online and print media issued by CICA Museum, is media for art and culture from the perspective of young culture makers in spirit. CICA Press supports “young” culture makers, who have passion, critical thought, and desire for creative and experimental expression, regardless of their age and background. We have believed that our inexhaustible passion for art and expression and a reckless rebelliousness can change the world.

CICA Press deals with visual art and culture from perspectives of local artists. To overcome uniform dissemination of contemporary art from the “center of Art,” we aim to introduce local artists and cultures from different regions to global audiences and connect them with each other. CICA Press provides online and offline spaces to create a global network among local artists, designers, audiences, and communities so they can make, appreciate, and live in art in their regions and cultures.

Editor-in-chief / Art Director: Leejin Kim

Editors: In Hye Seo, Heewon Bae

Produced by CICA Press, Gimpo, Korea
ISBN 979-11-88671-03-8 05600
ISBN 979-11-88671-02-1 05600 (set)

Photographs and contents are copyrighted by the featured artists.

Publisher: CICA Press

Cover Image: Tania Sen, Miracle Edinburgh BW (2016)

* Free Book Promotion: November 15 – 19, 2018

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