YUNRUBIN (Joanne Pang & Jonas Rubin) – Delicious (2016)


16 prints of inkjet ink on A4, arrange according to curator’s wish.

1) Print out the pdf consisting of 16 pages
2) You may, rotate the sheets and rearrange according to wish
3) Only condition is to align it with one another, portrait format making the a total composition consisting of 4 x 4 grid of 16 A4 sheets.
4) Mount to the wall.

Using the letter system we have developed called ‘Cava’, we spell the word ‘delicious’. Playing with entropy, and arrangement, we are interested in exploring the boundaries between image and text where the meaning of the word becomes into an abstract composition, free for interpretation.

YUNRUBIN (Joanne Pang & Jonas Rubin)

YUNRUBIN is Singaporean-Danish art duo, Joanne Pang Rui Yun and Jonas Rubin. In an investigation towards the immateriality and the poetics of the everyday, they draw references to the notion of places, structures and materiality. They work with everyday domestic objects and construction materials such as asphalt anconcrete as they question the balance and contradictions in body presence, gravity, materiality and time that alludes to human existence. Their research takes form in a scale of installations, objects and images. They have presented projects in solo and group exhibitions in Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Singapore. Since 2015, Yunrubin lives and works between Barcelona, Copenhagen and Singapore.

YUNRUBIN은 싱가폴계 덴마크인 아트 듀오 Joanne Pang Rui Yun과 Jonas Rubin이다. 일상의 비물질성과 시학을 탐구하며, 장소, 구조와 물질성에 관한 작업을 하고 있다. 그들은 일상의 물건들과 아스팔트와 같은 건축 재료를 이용해 인간의 존재를 암시하는 존재, 중력, 물질성, 시간의 조화와 모순에 관해 의문을 제기한다. 그들은 인스톨레이션, 오브제, 이미지 등의 작업을 하고 있으며 덴마크, 아이스랜드, 독일, 핀란드, 네덜란드, 영국, 싱가폴 등에서 개인전과 그룹전을 가졌다. Yunrubin은 2015년 부터 스페인 바르셀로나, 덴마크 코펜하겐, 싱가폴을 오가며 작품 활동을 하고 있다.